How Our Water Main Solutions Can Help

When homeowners face issues with their water main or house water service line, the expertise of a professional is always necessary. Your plunger routine will not be of much use when you are experiencing a water line problem. Keep the following guidelines in the back of your mind as you search for a water line repair or replacement service.

Common Water Main Faults

External corrosion from the soil or frost, among other factors, can lead to holes or cracks appearing in the water main over time. These lines are constantly under pressure, meaning that a crack in the water main may result in water coming up to the surface level. Sometimes, water can appear on the street and your front lawn, or flood the basement of your house.

Situations like these can also lead to contaminated water in the home. You are advised to abstain from drinking water or using appliances when this happens. You can use the house shutoff valve in an emergency.

If your public utility fails to shut off the water flow initially, you can use a water meter key to close the valve located next to your water meter, which will turn off the water flow.

Leaky water valves are one of the common problems experienced by homeowners. Water valves, such as gate valves, can develop leaks from time to time. The packing nut on the water valve can be tightened to salvage the situation. If you want to do it by yourself, you can add extra washers or provide adequate replacements for the old ones.

The best decision, however, would be to employ the services of a professional plumber to look at the leak for you. Their expertise is always necessary when these valves need replacements.

Detecting Leaks in Your Plumbing

When unnoticed or ignored, a leak in your water main can lead to extensive and costly structural damage to your home. Your flooring and walls can become damaged, causing mildew and mold problems. At the same time, wasted water is environmentally destructive and can result in higher water bills.

Discovering water main and other plumbing leaks can help you save water and resources. The quicker they are noticed, the better. Take a look at our complete list of sewer line problem symptoms here.

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Don’t forget that leaks often develop in concealed areas like under a slab. To make sure that there are no leaks in your plumbing, turn off all water fixtures in your home and observe your meter. If it keeps going up like someone is using water in the house, you probably have a leak.

Alternatively, you can hire a leak detection company. It takes a special skill set to detect leaks, and we are ready to direct you to a local leak detection professional. They will use technology to seek out leaks in your plumbing immediately.

Guidelines to Repair or Replace Your Water Main

If you discover a leak in your water main, the best thing to do is to fix the problem immediately. Doing so will help you avoid long-term home and property damage. Below are some tips that will help you in these situations.

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Full Replacement for Red Flags

Water main red flags are:

  • If the home is over 50 years old; and
  • When plumbing problems have persisted for many months or years.

If your home meets any of the above criteria, a repair may not be the solution to your water main dilemma.

Go for Trenchless Replacement

Trenchless technology lets you replace a broken water main without having to dig across your entire property. It is a popular option among homeowners. Read more about trenchless pipe replacement here.

Enquire Before Digging

Do you know that an underground utility line is damaged once every 6 minutes in the US? You should dial 811 and speak with a utility line inspector if you suspect something. Read more about underground utility replacement and the 811 service before you make a decision.

Avoid DIY Repairs

There are many articles and videos online with step-by-step instructions on pipeline repair. However, experience and professional training are very important in these situations. The fact is that DIY repair attempts often cost people more money in the long run. They can even cause more damage. Read why you should avoid DIY sewer pipe repairs.

Meet Experienced Plumbers

For advice and help with your water main problems, instructions on water line replacement and/or any other plumbing matters on your property, contact us today.