Improving Water Quality with Pipe Replacements

Replacing your old pipes has a lot of advantages. It is an excellent way to increase a property’s value and avert future maintenance costs. We will take a look at some of the ways you can make improvements to your property by replacing the water pipes.

Let’s take, for example, that your tap water starts looking and/or tasting rusty. If you change your water pipes immediately, you will save yourself from a lot of stress and spending moving forward.

The following are the benefits new water pipes will bring to your home:

Higher Quality Materials

In the 1930s, lead was the most popular construction material for plumbing pipes. Throughout the years, lead pipes have been used less and less because of the health danger they pose to the population.

However, there is still a reasonable chance that your pipes might not be entirely free of lead. After all, lead-containing products were still used in soldering copper pipes until 1985, when they were banned.

When lead pipes or solder get old, they erode and begin to find their way into your supposedly clean water supply.

That weird taste you get or the coloration you see in your water could be the result of microscopic lead content present in your tap water. See what your pipes are made of and test your water for lead immediately if you suspect that there is a chance your pipes may contain it. Having lead pipes replaced could be a lifesaver.

Avoiding Corrosion

Corrosion takes place in pipes when water and minerals wear down its internal walls. The condition affects pipes in a number of ways. There can be rust accumulation, mineral clogs, bottlenecks, pressure build-ups, leaks, and ruptures.

avoid corrosion water damage restoration group

When the interior of a pipe starts getting rusty or releasing minerals, the water that runs through them will become contaminated. This can make your water smell and develop a taste or color.

With time, all plumbing pipes wear down, but some last longer than others. This is why you should consider installing new, high-quality water pipes. Today, pipe manufacturers use materials that resist corrosion for a very long time. You will not have to worry about your pipes chipping away into the water supply anytime soon.

Matching Construction

When various materials and metals come in contact with electrolytes in water pipes, they begin to deteriorate much more quickly. This happens at a much quicker rate than expected because of a process known as galvanic corrosion.

Galvanic corrosion causes the electrical conductivity of certain metals to accelerate and wear down. This means that the older your pipes are, the more likely they are to experience changes caused by the presence of multiple materials.

galvanic corrosion water damage restoration group

At the same time, there is a good chance that the former homeowners may have replaced certain pipes without considering how the new materials will interact with your home’s entire water system. Professionals will always take steps to ensure that your new pipes are galvanic-corrosion resistant, even when they are not replacing everything in the system.

Interior and Exterior Cleanliness

Most homeowners probably never even consider the state of their water pipes. However, the accumulation of minerals and corrosion can still happen at any time, regardless of prevention efforts. Replacing your worn pipes is an excellent way to get a fresh start.

Your professional pipe installer can help you examine the health of the entire plumbing system. Having the internal and external parts of your water supply pipes cleaned will help prevent leaks, clogs, ruptures, and mineral build-up. Most tap water problems actually originate on-site.

Water pipes are always made to last a very long time and don’t require much maintenance. However, if you are experiencing water quality or plumbing issues, contact us today. We will examine your system and provide you with the best solutions possible.