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Are you experiencing problems with your water pipes? Believe it or not, water pipe repair doesn’t always require a professional. With the right tools and some simple steps, you can do everything yourself. Of course, you’ll need help of a professional if your problem is serious. But if you’re used to taking care of home repairs by yourself, here are some helpful instructions to deal with leaks or burst pipes.

How to Repair Galvanized Water Pipe Leaks in Your Cary Property


To start with the water pipe repair process, you have to identify what kind of pipe you have. Let’s address galvanized pipes first as they tend to be the most common. These pipes are made of steel and protective coating that prevents if from corroding and rusting. Start by finding where the pipes are leaking by turning the water on.


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An easy solution for galvanized water pipe repair is to install a clampette clamp over where it’s leaking. After you tighten it all the way, it should add pressure over the leak and stop the leaking. If the pipe is too damaged to be fixed in this manner, turn the water off. You’ll need to saw off the damaged area, place rubber repair coupling, on both ends, and use a stainless steel pipe repair clamp to connect the two sections. These two water pipe leak repair methods should solve your leak problems.

How to Repair Broken PVC Water Pipe in Your Cary Property


Another type of pipe you may be dealing with is PVC. The water pipe repair for PVC is similar to galvanized pipes. PVC is type of plastic that’s commonly used for plumbing. First, find out where the PVC is broken and where it’s leaking. Then you want to saw off the area that’s damaged. An easy way to go about your PVC water pipe repair is to use a compressing coupling pipe you screw on to both ends of the pipe.


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An alternative water pipe repair for PVCs is to use what’s called a slip fix. What makes this repair water pipe convenient is the fact that the length of the coupling is usually adjustable. This means that you don’t have to overly accurate about cutting out the damaged PVC pipe.

After cutting the PVC pipes, add solvent cement into the outside rim of the pipes. Then add the slip fix coupling over one end of the the cut section. Give it a slight turn and hold it in place for a few seconds so the solvent can set. Do the same for the other side of the PVC pipe. This easy water pipe repair should do the trick.

How to Repair a Broken Water Pipe in Your Cary Property


What if your water pipe is completely broken? In these cases, the interior of the pipe has corroded or rusted very badly. It’s very likely that a large portion of the pipe is damaged. Even if you make a small repair, the other parts will probably start falling apart. So for these types of cases, the best broken water pipe repair solution is to get new pipes.


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Get the right material that connects with the main line and any necessary joints. You’ll want to use soldering paste and a blow torch to connect the new pipes and joints together. If you’re using metal pipes, the entire method for this will be described in the copper repair section further below. If you’re using PVC, you can simply use solvent cement and fittings to connect everything without a blowtorch.


How Do I Know if a Pipe has Burst in My Cary Property?


One of the biggest problems you may have to deal with is a burst pipe. A burst pipe can be caused by excess pressure, pipe blockage, and freezing in cold temperatures. But how can you tell whether you have a leak, damaged pipe, or a burst pipe? Here are time burst pipe symptoms to look for.

  • You see a big change in the water pressure.
  • You’re seeing water marks on your drywall.
  • There is a discoloration and/or odor in the water.
  • You hear a weird sound when you turn the water on.
  • You’re seeing pipes leaking down to your ceiling (if it’s a multi-story house)

If you’re experiencing one or more of these issues, then you’ll need more than a simple water pipe leakage repair. Here’s the burst pipe repair solutions for copper.

How to Repair a Burst Copper Water Pipe in Your Cary Property


Let’s address copper pipe repair. Copper pipes can be easily identified by their bronze-like color. To repair burst copper pipes, you need a copper pipe cutter, lead-free solder, soldering paste, blow torch, a copper pipe. Begin the repair by locating where the pipe has burst and then turn your water valve off.

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Then use your copper pipe cutter to removed the damaged areas. Makes sure it’s the right length for the replacement copper pipe. Spread the soldering outside of the pipe rims and slide the replacement copper pipe between the cut areas. Use the blowtorch to seal the soldering. Add two to three inches of solder around newly connected end right after you blowtorch. This should melt over and provide an extra seal to complete your copper water pipe repair.

What You Need to Do with Burst Pipes in Your Cary Property


If you think you’re dealing with a burst pipe, then you need to take the appropriate actions quickly. Shut off the main water valve for your home. If the pipe symptoms are serious, it may be necessary to cut off your electricity as sudden flooding to mix with electricity. Although you can deal with burst pipes yourself, it’s always a smart idea to call a plumber if you think you need emergency water pipe repair services.

How Much Does it Cost to Fix a Burst Pipe in Cary?


It does not cost much to fix a burst pipe. The average burst water pipe repair cost ranges anywhere from $100 to $600. It really depends on the extend of the damage and whether you need emergency services. If you need to fix a leak, then the water pipe leak repair cost will be even lower. The big costs really comes from the water damage restoration which can cost thousands of dollars.

How Do You Fix a Broken Pipe in a Wall for Your Cary Property?


If you’re dealing with a broken pipe in a wall, then there’s nothing you can do except cut out sections of the drywall. You want to remove the damaged drywall first and then cut out enough of the drywall so that you can work on repairing the pipes. It’s important that you cut enough to look around the entire section as there may be multiple areas of the pipe that are damaged.


The bigger challenges really lie in trying to repair water pipe leak in concrete slab and addressing underground water pipe repair jobs. For these kinds of situations, you’ll need an experienced plumber. You need the right equipment, knowledge, and experience to deal with these water pipe repair jobs.

If you are dealing with a difficult pipe damage problem or need emergency pipe repair services in Cary, we are more than qualified to help. We’ve dealt with some of the most complex pipe damage issues for our customers.

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